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Discover which 26 foods (and herbs) boost energy, balance hormones and intestinal flora and stimulate fat burning.
Get more beautiful skin, feel more satiated, reduce sugary cravings and boost your energy all day, without using coffee or energy drinks. 
"Healthy food is something I've been researching for years, to age as healthily as possible. Thanks so much for this wonderful book filled with valuable info."

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"I'm a vegetarian which means I basically already have to watch what I eat. This book is another great step forward for me, thanks a lot!!!"

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"Jesse, thanks for publishing yet another perfect book that can help me reach my goals."

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Jesse van der Velde, Founder &

“Discover which 26 foods (and herbs) boost energy, balance hormones and intestinal flora and stimulate fat burning”

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  •  The 26 foods that boost your energy and stimulate your body to burn fat.
  •  How you can easily balance your hormones and intestinal flora - and how this can give you more energy and younger looking skin.
  •  Which 8 systems in your body you're supposed to support for optimal health - and how.
  •  How you can save up to 90% on supplements, and groceries.
  •  How you can increase the presence of 'good' bacteria in your gut (Fooks et al., 2002), and the benefits this has on your immune system, weight and overall health.
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About was founded in 2012 with the mission to make the best food that mother earth has to offer, easy and accessible. We sell pure food (free from artificial sugars and flavours), unprocessed, without additives, without genetically modified ingredients and directly from nature.  

We select our products based on the philosophy of whether or not we'll eat it ourselves or give it to our children. And we have an extremely high standard for what falls thereunder. Because we see our body as our temple, and therefore we want tp take good care of it every day. That, at least, gives us a lot of energy, a fit body, beautiful skin and in our experience, good health. We are here for you, to help you get there too. dispatches in excess of 12,000 orders every year and received a review average of 4.9 out of 5. And we are proud of that. 
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